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DoALL manufacture comprehensive range of bandsaw blades. This includes: bi-metal, carbide, diamond, carbon and knife-edge blades. DoALL solution is the global standard with the outmost compatibility and value to a wide variety of sawing solution for high production, multi-purpose, miter cutting, vertical contour, and custom engineered cutting. DoALL also innovate wider selection of cutting fluids which is highly sought for their efficiency and cooling properties. DoALL cutting fluids include: soluble oils, semi-synthetic, full-synthetic, and direct application fluids (mist). Your investment in DoALL cutting solutions will improve your performance to meet even the most demanding customer.

DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw Blade is manufactured by fusing the HSS body with tungsten material. The tungsten itself ranked about 9 on Mohs scale, and with a Vickers number of around 2600. DoALL Tungsten Grit saw blade is two times stiffer than regular steel, with a Young's modulus of approximately 530–700 GPa and is much denser than any regular steel even titanium. DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw Blade is very abrasion resistant and withstand higher temperatures than standard high speed steel saw. DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw Blade maintain a sharp cutting edge better and generally produce a better finish on parts. Their higher temperature resistance allows a faster rate of cutting especially when you are working with layered work-piece which might have varieties of visco-elasticity.

The DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw Blade is highly cost effective when you are considering its versatility on your factory floor. DoALL Tungsten Grit is suitable for cutting various material of large sections above 25 mm. With its angled and segmented tip, DoALL Tungsten Grit Saw Blade cuts the toughest and most abrasive applications that generate high cutting temperatures and hardness level between 45 and 65 HRc. DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw application includes: highly abrasive material such as layered resin, marine hose, laminated fiber, large marine engine shaft, hardened steels, glass, foamglass, boat bumper, car tires and many material with multi-layered and textured coatings.

DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw Blade Features:

  • Affordable cost for large sections above 25 mm.
  • Segmented teeth with tungsten coating which is extremely hard and durable to cut larger work-piece.
  • Cuts hardened steels from 42-65 HRc and a wide range of hard or abrasive materials.

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DoALL Tungsten Grit Segmented Saw Blade

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